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Blueberry Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Why hello!! It’s been too long. I must admit, I’ve had plenty of distractions lately—all of which have kept me from posting. Most of them revolve around me sitting on my you know what, with my eyes peeled to the … Continue reading

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Key Lime Pie

So a coworker of mine was taking a trip to Florida. Not sure how it came up, but she was telling me how much she loved key lime pie. I told her that my old college roommate loved it too, … Continue reading

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Spicy Coconut Shrimp Stew

This is a take on a Brazilian Moqueca. It’s a stew made with tomatoes and coconut milk, as well as traditional dende or palm oil. It has some type of seafood as well—usually fish, shrimp or even crab. I had … Continue reading

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Grapefruit Pound Cake with Raspberry Grapefruit Sauce

I saw a recipe in a recent issue of Cooking Light that looked yummy—grapefruit pound cake. I’ve never made a pound cake before. I can’t even remember the last time I had pound cake.  They happen to have a sale … Continue reading

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Blueberry and Blackberry Galette

Isn’t this photo gorgeous? I treated my office to this delectable treat. One of my coworkers had his fancy camera with him, along with his new 50mm lens. I was able to play around with it, and the shots came … Continue reading

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